Modifications of microlight ULF-2


This is a collection of improvement proposals for the microlight airplane Ulf-2. The proposals are sometimes not properly tested and are given without any warranty. Although for most of the proposals there is some experience of testing and usage, any implementation is at your own risk. The idea of the collection is to initiate some process of improvement, rather than to share known reliable solutions. Therefore, consider the drawings critically, before trying to use them. Any comments and critics are welcome.

Centering propeller adapter, suitable for SR-200 3-blade propeller (.pdf drawing)
Test flight 19.09.2020, result - good!

Large pulley of the gear for radial bearings with additional place for short centering cylinder of the propeller adapter (.pdf drawing)
Flight experience: with additional ripples for a multirib belt, no problem since > 400 flight hours!

Charging regulator for Kubota generator. The handwritten circuit at top left is LED indicator of charging current (.pdf drawing)
Flight experience: with BT152 thyristors and BF421 transistor, no problem since > 300 flight hours!

Verstärkte Fahrwerkschwinge von KHP (.pdf drawing)
Flight experience: > 600 flight hours - no problem!

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